agriculural export council in egypt sign cooperation agreement with The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) Import Promotion Desk Port of Koper One of the important Gate for Egyptian Exporters to reach Europe ردود الافعال الرسمية الايماراتية حول الفراولة المجمدة المصرية رابط يوضح الحدود القصوي لمتبقيات المبيدات المسموح بها طبيقا لمواصفات الاتحاد الاوروبي والكودكس acording to the co-operation between theAgricultural Export Council in Egypt and the Bashair Organization to help the small farmers to market them products رابط يوضح الحدود القصوي لمتبقيات المبيدات المسموح بها طبيقا لمواصفات الاتحاد الاوروبي والكودكس
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2  The right to use State land will not be applied retrospectively

Al-Ahram 25.08.2010 




2   Abaza: Utilization system does not drop the right of individuals to own land

Al-Ahram 25.08.2010




Agricultural Crops Companies request 150 thousand Feddans and the government committed to provide them with the system of right to use (usufructs).

Al Masry Al Youm 23/08/2010

Private Company headed by Assistant Minister of Agriculture to distribute fertilizers
Al Masry Al Youm 08/12/2010




2  A new system to monitor the use of agricultural pesticides
Al-Ahram 10/8/2010



   2   Port Fines are an obstacle to Egyptian exports
Al-Ahram 08/03/2010




2Enough water sources in Egypt .. and in need of management and rationalization

Al-Ahram 02/08/2010



    A new shipping line between Alexandria and Lithuania for trade promotion
Al-Akhbar 2/8/2010



     Rice crisis easing

Al-Ahram Al-Masaei 31/7/2010



2  Financial facilitations to orchards owners to convert to drip irrigation
Al-Ahram 28/7/2010


  In Collaboration between the (Ministries of) Finance and Agriculture .. (Minister of Finance, Dr. Butros) Ghali: Starting the implementation of the project to improve orchard productivity in the Delta and the Old Valley


Indian grapes, push the «Egyptian» exports to a decline in European markets

  Al Masry Al Youm 27/07/2010


2   Rashid: the largest budget for the Modernization Centre

Al-Ahram 27/7/2010




  Putting 45 thousand acres to establish the first agricultural manufacturing area in Sinai

 Al Masry Al Youm 27/07/2010


Banning of advertisements of pesticides in media without approval of the Ministry of Agriculture

 Al Masry Al Youm 22/07/2010



  Abaza: technical committees to register violations of desert roads
Al-Alam Al-Youm 22/7/2010



2   Launching a new line between the ports of Venice and Alexandria



  (The Ministry of) «Trade» asks Syria to stop the seizure of the headquarters of Nasr for Import and Export Co. and Food Holding Co.

Al Masry Al Youm 20/05/2010


2   Launching the green pathway to link Egyptian and Italian ports

  Al-Ahram 20/5/2010