agricultural export council in egypt sign cooperation agreement with The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) Import Promotion Desk Port of Koper One of the important Gate for Egyptian Exporters to reach Europe رابط يوضح الحدود القصوي لمتبقيات المبيدات المسموح بها طبيقا لمواصفات الاتحاد الاوروبي والكودكس according to the co-operation between the Agricultural Export Council in Egypt and the Bashair Organization to help the small farmers to market there products رابط يوضح الحدود القصوي لمتبقيات المبيدات المسموح بها طبيقا لمواصفات الاتحاد الاوروبي والكودكس
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What Is the Agriculture Export Council?
The Agricultural Export Council is the supreme counselor entity to the Minister of Trade and Industries for the Agriculture Sector.


Our Vision is
The Council is the official platform to raise and submit  the strategic suggestions, regulatory policies including obstacles towards the development of the Sector to the Minister.

 Our Vision is to Increase the Egyptian Exports in the Agriculture Sector Globally and Penetrate new International Markets. Promote Egypt Globally in the Agriculture Sector and raise the technology awareness of the Egyptian producers and exporters

Our Mission is
Raise awareness and competitiveness for all the Egyptian producers and Exporters.
Work on Eliminating obstacles that hinder the Agriculture Export development.
The council should focus on members’ interests in policy decisions and advocacy with the government of Egypt with the objective to increase the Agriculture investments.

Council Activities
Eliminate the internal and external obstacles that hinder the agriculture export process.
 Support the Export council members for their relations with the governmental issues.
Support the members in all the international trade relations and organize the matchmaking events and trade fairs and conferences with the target Markets.
Support the Egyptian companies  in the Administrative and vocational training programs with governmental and non governmental specialist organizations.
Raise the awareness for the producers and the exporters to acquire the international certificates for better competing with the international markets.


The Council Supports




On going projects to achieve
 the Agriculture Exports target by year 2013


 Reliant Transportation (Speed Boat Project ).
 Peach Fly Campaign
 Commodity trade Analytical System (Competitive Intelligence)
 Promote Egypt globally for the Agriculture Sector(Fresh Gate Egypt)
 Expanding the trade Agreements with potential Markets.
 Focusing on the IPR Projects to support the Egyptian Market.
 Branding the Egyptian Fresh Produce.