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Agricultural Pesticides Committee

I. Definition of the Committee

It is the government body that evaluates agricultural pesticides in Egypt, and the work of the committee is governed by the agricultural low No. 53 of 1966. The committee was formed by the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation No. 1293 issued on 25/7/2011.

The Agricultural Pesticides Committee includes a group of experts and heads of researchers in the field of pesticides from institutes and research laboratories of the Agricultural Research Centre, as well as the relevant sectors of the Ministry of Agriculture and a group of pesticide professors in the agricultural colleges of Egypt.

II: Role of the Agricultural Pesticides Committee

The Agricultural Pesticides Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land reclamation shall submit and register agricultural pesticides and shall establish the rules and regulations that will enable it to manage agricultural pesticides to reach the final beneficiary.

The role of the Agricultural Pesticides Committee is to assess the efficiency, safety and performance of agricultural pesticides, taking into account public health, the safety of the pesticide and protection of the environment from contamination.

The Agricultural Pesticides Committee shall organize all necessary stages for the pesticide to be available for use and will develop a precise plan for obtaining technical approvals for the importation of the pesticide based on the actual needs of the Egyptian market.

Ministerial Decree No. 1018 of 2013, concerning the registration and circulation of pesticides in Egypt was issued.

For further information on the Committee and its role in the field of pesticides, please visit the following link: