agricultural export council in egypt sign cooperation agreement with The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) Import Promotion Desk Port of Koper One of the important Gate for Egyptian Exporters to reach Europe according to the co-operation between the Agricultural Export Council in Egypt and the Bashair Organization to help the small farmers to market there products
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With reference to the Bulletin prepared by the UK's fresh produce trade association (which is based in London) and regularly access to the Council as a member of this association, the Council circulates it to the companies members of the Council to benefit from this bulletin of the most important news on the trade of the import of vegetables and fruits in the British market.

Please note that the association has developed the method for preparing these bulletins. The bulletin has become daily rather than weekly and is posted on the association's website.

Therefore, if you wish to see these bulletins, please refer to the website of the association through the following link.